Modern electronic products, whether destined for domestic or industrial use, must comply with existing standards and codes. Thanks to our expertise and our infrastructure, unique in eastern Quebec, we are able to assist companies in meeting these requirements. In addition to carrying out required testing, and in a context of pre-certification, we help companies find solutions to problems encountered. The range of pre-certification services include electromagnetic compatibility (EMC), electrical safety and industrial acoustics. All work is done according to existing standards: FDA, IEC, FCC, IC, EN, CISPR, UL, NEMA, CSA, AINSI, IEEE, SAE, etc.


Our testing expertise allows us to offer services in statistical analysis, empirical modeling and the realisation of designs of experiments (DOE). Furthermore, our expertise in applied and advanced mathematics, combined with the use of mathematical tools such as Matlab, allows us to offer a service in the development and support of intelligent systems, expert systems and artificial intelligence.


Novika’s expertise and laboratory specialized in movement capture allows support services in testing and kinematic analysis. Whether in the field of biomechanics, virtual reality, transportation or robotics, our team has developed a solid experience in metrology of orientation and spatial positioning using different technologies. The laboratory has high precision reference devices that allow the experimentation, testing and validation of products incorporating inertial or physiological sensors.



A collaboration with the Longueuil bar mill and the Contrecoeur ArcelorMittal Long Products Canada wire rod mill, this project aims at the development of an automated alloy measuring system using laser-induced breakdown spectroscopy (LIBS). The Consortium for Research and Innovation in Metallurgical Processing (CRITM), and the College and Community Innovation program / ARD grants of the National Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada support this applied research project.


Client :  ArcelorMittal  //  Project manager :  Sylvain Dufour


The manufacturing of a highly specialized small piece of plastic requires rigorous quality control. In order to guarantee the regularity and uniformity in accepting or declining a component and to avoid human subjectivity, Plastiques Gagnon wanted to automate the component measuring chain. The equipment developed by Novika automatically carries out all required measurements by combining camera inspection, a Go/NoGo gage and weight control.


Client :  Plastiques Gagnon  //  Project manager :  Jean Bergeron


Development of a prototype thermal response mobile testing unit to carry out tests in standard geothermal wells in order to obtain the thermal conductivity, the drilling thermal resistance and the thermal diffusivity of the soil. The system needed to be compact enough to be transported easily in the trunk of an average-sized vehicle and be powered by a rented commercial generator. Finally, the system needed to be able to communicate remotely to an internet network.


Client :  Energie Stat  //  Project manager :  Jocelyn Caux


This project was designed to carry out endurance tests simulating a million people walking on a structural mounted phenolic panel floor. LabVIEW software carried out monitoring and surveillance.


Client :  Confidentiel  //  Project manager :  Sylvain Dufour


During a previous project entitled «Biomechanical analysis platform for lower limbs», Novika collaborated with Victhom to develop a prototype allowing for the analysis of a person’s legs whilst walking. This platform was aimed at democratizing systems used in research laboratories in order to offer a similar system in clinical evaluations and is currently awaiting a « Biomechanical analysis and validation system and method (1727-B01 USP) » patent. The current project consists of finishing the development of the platform and demonstrating a prototype of the real system in an operational context.


Client :  Laboratoire Victhom  //  Project manager :  Gervais Constant


Luc Landry
Luc Landry, P.Eng.
Head of Department, Electrical
Expertises : electronics, medical electric equipment, electrical safety and electromagnetic compatibility standardization
  (418) 856-4350, ext. 109
Guillaume Caron
Guillaume Caron, P.Eng.
Coordinator - Applied Physics, Electromechanical Engineer
Expertises : electronics, LabVIEW™, embedded computing, acoustics, physics
  (418) 856-4350, ext. 164
MA Provencher
Marc-André Provencher, P.Eng.
Projects Manager, Electrical Engineer
Expertises : electronic design, hardware programming, telecommunication, signal processing and acoustic
(418) 856-4350, ext. 133
Adrien Amyotte, P.Eng.
Engineer - Applied physics
Expertises : acoustic, physic and mechanical design
Jean René Landry
Jean-René Landry
Technologist - Electronics & Software
Expertises : technical and reservation manager in electromagnetic compatibility, 
Gabriel Lavoie
Technologist - Electronics & Sofware
Expertises : electromagnetic compatibility test


Clement Soucy
Clément Soucy, P.Eng
Electrical Engineer
Expertises : scientific leader in electromagnetic compatibility  


Our Global-N ESPEC chamber provides all the required temperature and humidity testing capabilities for clients to be able to check the quality and reliability of ever increasingly sophisticated electronics and other products.

The Global-N chambers meet the standards set by JEDEC and the IEC as well as other international testing standards.

The CompactDAQ system is a portable platform allowing data recording in a wide variety of working environments, be it aboard vehicles or in a research laboratory. The breadth of bus, chassis, controller and I/O conditioning options, together will the customizable nature of LabVIEW software provide the best solution to meet the requirements of a large number of applications.

The NI CompactRIO system combines open embedded architecture with a compact size, is extremely robust, includes hot-swappable industrial I/O modules, and is powered by the NI LabVIEW reconfigurable I/O (RIO) architecture.

The Ni 1778 smart camera is able to capture CCD Sony monochromatic images with a resolution of 2448 x 2050 (5 MP) at 15 fps. It is one of the high performing NI smart cameras using the powerful Atom 7.6 Ghz processors for industrial inspection applications.

Its IP67 casing, M12 connectors and lens protection guarantee a waterproof (up to 1m) and dustproof seal.

This sound level meter has all it needs to carry out precise class 1 measurements in environmental and industrial applications.

Two measurement channels enable sound intensity measurements meeting IEC 61043s standards.

The I-Track system is a powerful tool used to map sound intensity in a fast, east and precise way. The result is high definition sound mapping and an automatic calculation of sound power in just a few minutes.

HandySCAN 700™

This new generation of HandySCAN 3DTM handheld scanners is optimized specifically for product development and engineering professionals looking for the most effective and reliable way to acquire 3D measurements of physical objects.


State of the art equipment for taking important measurements in fuel facilities. Additional accessories can also used to measure temperature differential and look for gas leaks.

CO readings at up to 30 00 ppm.

Approved by TÜV according to EN 50379, parts 1-3 standards

This high-speed camera is the ideal tool for many applications and contains high internal memory capability and advanced triggering capability. The MS55K camera captures monochromatic images in a range of 25 to 3000 fps.

The Fluke Ti300 thermal camera has a LaserSharp® built-in automatic focus system. Its sturdy frame guarantees longevity in all environments. Fluke IR-Fusion® patented technology, with its AutoBlend™ mode provide rapid detection and communication of problems.

Specifically designed for those wanting to optimise energy consumption, the three-phase Fluke 1730 Electrical Energy Logger offers a new easy way to identify electrical energy loss sources. By studying the energy consumption of facilities, the machine allows clients to identify potential energy savings and, thanks to easy-to-read data, implement appropriate actions.

Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC) and Electrical Safety Laboratory
Our infrastructures in electromagnetic compatibility and electrical safety are fully equipped and unique in eastern Quebec. These infrastructures can accommodate all kinds of electrical appliances (single-phase, three-phase, CC, battery-run and all tests are carried out to international requirements (CSA, UL, FCC, CE, IEC, …).

The biomechanics laboratory is equipped with a motion sensor system using active sensors (Optotrak Certus) which can reach a resolution of 1 mm. Coupled with a force plate on the ground, it allows the analysis of movement dynamics. Also available is a variety of motion capture systems per inertial unit (VectorNav, XSens, Shimmer).

The laboratory is also equipped with physiological measuring devices such as wireless electromyograms (Delsys Trigno), wireless pulse oximetry (Nonin WristOx2) and a non-invasive system for continuous measurement of blood pressure (Nexfin Bmeye).