Our mechanical team is called upon to intervene in and solve specific engineering problems, using multidisciplinary knowledge and expertise taken from the fields of mechanical engineering (mechatronics, thermodynamics, fluid dynamics, etc.) and physics engineering (vibrations, acoustics, optics-photonics, etc.).




Our computer-aided engineering laboratory brings together specialised expertise in the domains of design and modeling, digital simulation and 3D simulation. Software solutions such as MATLAB® and LabVIEW, together with cutting-edge technology such as acoustical intensity mapping, high performance thermographic imaging and high-speed imaging capture, can be integrated into advanced design processes.




To this day, our mechanical team has completed a large number of projects in complex and specialty manufacturing processes, such as high output production units, continuous inspection systems, and high flexibility robot cells.




Our mechanical team of engineers, technologists and technicians have at their disposal specialised software, equipment and laboratories to prototype and validate the industrial processes they are developing.





The result of a two-year intensive and enjoyable collaboration between Tôle Inox and Novika, this new evaporator now sets the most recent standards in terms of energy-efficient maple syrup production. The energy required to produce the syrup is reduced by more than ten times compared to a standard gas or pellet evaporator. Approximately 70 EcoVap (mc) were used in production during the 2016 maple syrup season, thus avoiding the GHG emissions of almost I million litres of gas.


Client :  Tôle Inox  //  Project manager :  Jocelyn Caux


The St Donat Bakery wanted to increase its production capacity without losing the quality of its products, renowned for the flakiness and lightness of its pastry. Prototypes were developed in order to validate the equipment concepts, thus allowing Novika to develop a production line, which rolls the pastry and assembles the pies whilst maintaining the quality of the product.


Client :  St-Donat  //  Project manager :  Jean Bergeron


This project is a concept validation for the distribution of filler material around previously buried nuclear waste containers, primarily in the turnkey design and manufacture of semi-automated equipment, for client validation tests. The equipment includes a screw feed which moves along three axes and which compresses the product around the containers whilst moving simultaneously.


Client :  NWMO  //  Project manager :  Dominic Lanteigne


In the initial stages of this unique project, Novika assisted the microbrewery Tête d’Allumette in the creation of a wood fire boiling tank specifically designed and built for the microbrewery. This tank allows the use of maple wood as the only energy source for boiling the beer wort. Several other pieces of peripheral equipment adapted to the brewing method of the Master Brewer were also developed according to the needs of the client.


Client :  Microbrasserie Tête d’Allumette  //  Project manager :  Sylvain Dufour


This project focused on the development of a stain applicator ensuring a constant stain flow, a reduction of drips and overflowing and a reduction in the time needed for start-ups after colour or sizing changes. A safe working environment for operators was also taken into consideration. In addition, the amount of stain lost when changing colour was significantly reduced. Settings automation also ensures the uniformity of stain application between each work shift.


Client :  Maibec  //  Project manager :  Patrick Martel


This major project allowed the development of “an error free” assembly machine fed in bulk with precision components. With a production speed of over 1200 units per hour, in other words a cycle time of less than three seconds, this machine maintains the sufficient flexibility required to assemble more than ten different versions of a product. There is no room for error whether it be in the assembly process or in the parts used.


Client :  Confidentiel  //  Project manager :  Patrick Martel


The purpose of this project is to develop tools for a welding robot that are light, strong and very rigid in order to withstand welding distortions and handling during tooling changes. The tools need to allow the operator to position the parts easily and quickly before welding and to remove the welded subassemblies. The tools must be designed to maximise tooling space by combining several identical subassemblies or several different subassemblies of the same product.


Client :  Compagnie Normand  //  Project manager :  Dominic Lanteigne


Developed in close collaboration with the client, the logic behind this system is to maximise the reuse of cooling water in spot welders. The new circuit is cooled down mainly by fresh water consumed in the factory by other production processes. Based on the Novika project principle of «24 hours or less», the client was then able to manage the purchase and installation of the parts in their own business. Almost 25,000 m³ of drinking water can be saved yearly following the implementation of the project.


Client :  Rousseau  //  Project manager :  Jocelyn Caux


This project stems from a collaboration with the Quebec-based stove builder SBI Inc. It consists of the development of a direct current voltage pellet stove prototype fitted with an optimized heat exchanger, an automatic combustion management system, improved acoustics and a wireless communication capacity. The College and Community Innovation program/ARD grants of the National Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada support this applied research project.


Client :  Fabricant de poêles international (SBI)  //  Project manager :  Sylvain Dufour


By using a new, simple and low-cost manufacturing process, this solar collector offers a performance comparable to those already on the market, without the need for selective paintwork. In addition to its low absorber manufacturing cost, its main advantage lies in its negligible resistance to water circulation, thus allowing for the use of a low power circulator as well as the series connection of several collectors when a higher outlet temperature is required.


Client :  Solar-O-Matic  //  Project manager :  Jocelyn Caux


Sylvain Dufour
Sylvain Dufour, P.Eng.
Head of Department
Expertises : testing and trials, electromechanical systems
 (418) 856-4350, ext.169
Jean Bergeron
Jean Bergeron, P.Eng. M. Sc.
Project Manager
Expertises : automated systems
 (418) 856-4350, ext. 107
Dominic Lanteigne
Dominic Lanteigne, P.Eng.
Project Manager
Expertises : mechanical systems, FEA
 (418) 856-4350, poste 121
Jean-Francois Pelletier
Jean-François Pelletier
Electrical Technician
Expertises : control and automation
Leo Charest
Léo Charest, P.Eng., D.E.S.S
Mechanical Engineer
Expertises : mechanical design, combustion, fluid dynamics
Mario Legault
Mario Legault
Senior Mechanical Technologist
Expertises : automation/robotics, electromechanical systems, equipment
Michel Dion
Michel Dion, P.Eng.
Electrical Engineer
Expertises : control and automation
Patrice Tanguay
Patrice Tanguay
Expertises : industrial IT, scripts and macros
Richard Marquis
Richard Marquis
Mechanical Technologist
Expertises : mechanical design, digital production
Simon Pelletier
Simon Pelletier
Machine Operator / workshop supervisor
Expertises : prototyping, machining, welding
Joel Basque
Joel Basque, P.Eng.
Mechanical Engineer
Expertises : FEA, mechanical systems, energy
Adam Roy
Adam Roy
Mechanical Technologist
Expertises : mechanical design, optical systems, prototyping
Camill L'italien Gagnon
Camill L’Italien Gagnon, Jr. Eng
Mechanical Engineer
Expertises : mechanical design, physical technology
Adrien Amyotte
Junior Engineer
Expertises : acoustic, physic and mechanical design
James Lafond
James Lafond
Industrial Electric and Automation Technologist
Expertises : control and automation
Hugues Barrette
Hugues Barrette
Mechanical Technologist
Expertises : mechanical design, prototyping
Jeff Pelletier
Jean-François (Jeff) Pelletier, P.Eng.
Electrical Engineer
Expertises : electric design, machine safety


Prototyping workshop
Novika has machining and material working equipment that allows for prototyping and validation of solutions all under the same roof.

Prototyping workshop
Novika has machining and material working equipment that allows for prototyping and validation of solutions all under the same roof.