Services are offered in the domains of identifying needs, electrical and electronics design, schematic and PCB conception, parts lists, prototype building, testing and validating, designing test benches and production support. 


 Power Electronics (FR)


We embed the required software on specific electronic circuits of your products. Whether using an operating system (RTOS, Linux, Android, Windows, MQX) or directly to the microprocessor, we can add intelligence, connectivity (wired or wireless), and interactivity (user interface) to electronical products.


Our electronics and physics engineering team selects or designs the right sensors and builds, analyzes and controls the complete chain of measurement of a physical and physiological phenomenon.


Information is useful if it can be transported and processed. Our expertise and infrastructures allow us to carry out projects regarding physical layers of transmission (wired or wireless) as well as in high-level layers of high-performance protocols.


Modern electronical productions need to meet many standards. With the help of our unique infrastructures in eastern Quebec, we can help companies understand the required standards, carry out tests and find solutions in a pre-certification context. A broad spectrum of pre-certification services include electromagnetic compatibility (EMC), acoustics, and electrical safety according to the relevant standards (FDA, IEC, FCC, IC, EN, CISPR, UL, NEMA, CSA, AINSI, IEEE, SAE, etc.).


Thanks to our expertise in experimentation and intelligent systems, we can offer our services in the following areas: statistical analysis, empirical modeling, and design of experiments (DOE). Furthermore, our expertise in advanced and applied mathematics allows us to offer services in the development and support of advanced intelligent systems, expert systems, and artificial intelligence. Mathematical tools such as MATLAB® allow us to carry out projects quickly and efficiently.


The development of electromedical products requires a high level of expertise and rigour because of their impact on the patients’ health and quality of life. Novika’s team includes experienced engineers and scientists as well as nursing and microbiology teachers-researchers who worked over 100,000 hours in the medical domain over the last ten years.


We use the best technological strategies to enable your connected systems, sensors, and devices to collaboratively organize, dynamically reconfigure and automate decision-making and real-time monitoring of the critical elements of your production activities.

  • Cloud computing
  • Traceability
  • Mixed and augmented reality
  • Interconnectivity
  • Monitoring and control
  • Advanced MES (manufacturing execution system)


Connected objects are the starting point of modern industry. With the help of our team, both current and new products and equipment will communicate using reliable infrastructures, protocols and advanced technologies offering agility, intelligence and security.

  • Automation and industrial computing
  • Communication protocols
  • Embedded system


The dynamic autonomy and adaptation of systems and machines are key strategies for the management of risks and contingencies. We adapt and integrate artificial intelligence algorithms to any type of software, allowing the imitation or replacement of human cognitive functions in event prediction, self-learning and automatic adjustment of behaviors or parameters in the event of new situations.

  • Deep Learning
  • Predictive and cognitive analysis
  • Preventive maintenance


Retaining and making available technical knowledge acquired over time are crucial issues for companies. This expertise can be modeled in different forms (electrical, physical or digital) to create a tool that will allow you to improve the decision-making process.

  • Data interpretation and organization
  • Multi-system connectivity
  • Dashboards, charts and performance indicator
  • Human-machine interface (HMI)
  • Databases
  • Web, PC and mobile platform


One of the main new challenges of companies lies in the analysis of the Bid data generated by the numerous connected objects. We develop and integrate algorithms that help you take advantage of these data through the use of advanced mathematics and logic.

  • Heuristic
  • Vision
  • Resolution of complex problems
  • MATLAB Integration
  • Optimization of industrial and administrative processes



The  medical and surgical bed was designed to maximise the control of infections and reduce the risks of falls whilst offering unparalleled value and performance. The Novika team includes engineers, technologists, programmers and teachers in the domains of Nursing, Microbiology and Physics Engineering Technology. They were involved in the development of several parts of the Ook Snow, including the scale system and a detection system for bed exit to reduce fall risks, a tactile screen, infection control and pre-certification according to medical standards for electrical safety and electromagnetic compliance.


Client :  Umano Medical  //  Project manager :  Luc Landry


The LINK is a piece of equipment installed under a car seat that allows the seat and its occupant to be moved completely out of the car, thus allowing for easier transfer to a wheelchair. A Novika team including engineers, technologists and programmers participated in the design of the LINK system. The system is made up of two custom circuit boards. The first controls the three motors depending on the encoders, and the second is used in the control handle. An Android application was also made to allow for the installation, configuration and diagnostics of the LINK system.


Client :  Adapt Solutions  //  Project manager :  Éric Lacasse


These electrical appliances are used to prepare glass disks for XRF analysis and for the ICP and AA analysis of borate and peroxide solutions. The LeNeo fusion apparatus has one position whilst the TheOx Advanced has six fusing positions and is used mainly in laboratories dealing with a very large number of samples. Novika participated in the power electronic design of these appliances. The heating elements used for fusing required a specific power supply that needed to be very reliable and robust. The Theox apparatus in particular needed a very high power factor to allow for a single-phase power supply. These appliances are sold throughout the world and switch-mode power supply design was done in accordance with the applicable standards.


Client :  Claisse  //  Project manager :  Éric Lacasse


The VoltaTM is the new pellet stove from OsburnTM. It is very quiet (minimum power of 45dB at 2m), but what makes it stand out from its competitors is its DC current mode. It can be connected easily to a secondary energy source, such as batteries or a solar panel system, thus allowing for continuous functioning in the event of a power outage. These stoves are sold worldwide and the continuous current power supply is very advantageous. By ensuring the design and the smooth integration of physics, acoustics, thermal and electronic elements in the product, Novika and its multidisciplinary team helped the manufacturer build a standout product.


Client :  Fabricant de poêle international (SBI)  //  Project manager :  Sylvain Dufour


Vision Gestion is a management system for intraocular lenses that allows savings by reducing losses and thefts, and through expiration management. Novika provided mechanical and electronic design.


Client :  Solutions DMI  //  Project manager :  Jean Bergeron
Montel is a company developing mobile shelving. Always eager to satisfy its clients and stay ahead of market needs, Montel has collaborated with Novika for more than 25 years on making technological improvements to shelving systems. Work done on the fourth generation of circuit board development allows, among other things, for long distance control and maintenance using a smartphone, tablet or computer.
Client : Montel // Project manager : Gervais Constant


During a previous project entitled «Biomechanical analysis platform for lower limbs», Novika collaborated with Victhom to develop a prototype allowing for the analysis of a person’s legs whilst walking. This platform was aimed at democratizing systems used in research laboratories in order to offer a similar system in clinical evaluations and is currently awaiting a « Biomechanical analysis and validation system and method (1727-B01 USP) » patent. The current project consists of finishing the development of the platform and demonstrating a prototype of the real system in an operational context.


Client :  Laboratoire Victhom  //  Project manager :  Gervais Constant


The ecoAZUR system is a control system that optimises commercial kitchen ventilation in order to provide maximum comfort and energy savings. Seeking to standout from the competition, the client in collaboration with Novika recently developed two innovative units allowing for optimal performance management of the ecoAZUR system. The two units were tested in a controlled environment to validate the prototype. Novika is currently working on improving the system and will shortly carry out further tests in operational environments.


Client :  Intellinox  //  Project manager :  Gervais Constant


The essential for an authentic wine cellar. This sophisticated temperature stabilizer provides the best conservation conditions to wines to lay down with the precision of a laboratory apparatus. Its cooling mechanism acts without any noise or temperature variations. Exceeding the requirements for optimal aging, the Cube° is the only system approved by the Canadian Association of Professional Sommeliers. E-cool, the technology at the heart of the Cube°, provides an unfailing accuracy. Currently patent pending, this cutting-edge technology is an advance in the field of mechanized wine cellars. Novika’s team assisted The Wine Square ( from the design stage all through to the product marketing.


Client :  The Wine Square  //  Project manager :  Éric Lacasse


In collaboration with other partners, such as Bell Helicopter, Exonetic, and Sherbrooke University, our contribution to the aeronautics sector consisted in ensuring certain standards were met, such as the DO-178B computing standard, and the DO-160 in order to carry out multi-physics tests for a haptic controller.


Client :  Consortium de recherche et d'innovation en aérospatiale au Québec  //  Project manager :  Benoit E. Lizotte


This experimental development project aimed at developing an algorithm based on multiple variables that would allow for the optimisation of collection routes for electronic waste recovery containers during a work schedule. The algorithm needed to allow for a reduction in fuel consumption of the vehicles and collection time as well as automatically perform container selection. This selection would be performed according to the fill levels, which would be known thanks to a remote cellular communications system, and according to a collector’s daily work schedule.


Client :  Électrobac  //  Project manager :  Benoit E. Lizotte


Based on the Industry 4.0 concept, this project completely redefines electrical harness manufacturing. Not only does the project allow for electrical harnesses to be designed and manufactured at two geographically remote locations, it also significantly reduces assembly time and improves manufacturing quality. Thanks to innovative software developed by Novika, design updates are transmitted instantly to the factory allowing for desired flexibility. In addition, the assembly sequence is optimised and clearly illustrated, thus reducing not only the handling and movements done by an operator to a minimum, but also the possibility of errors. New projection tables and electric carts were also developed, allowing Novika to provide a turnkey solution using an innovative and patented technology.


Client :  Bombardier Transport  //  Project manager :  Benoit E. Lizotte


Luc Landry
Luc Landry, P.Eng.
Director - Electronics and Software, Electrical Engineer
Expertises : electronics, medical electric equipment, electrical safety and electromagnetic compatibility standardization
  (418) 856-4350, ext. 109
Gervais Constant
Gervais Constant, P.Eng.
Coordinator - Electronics and Software, Computer Engineer
Expertises : artificial intelligence, internet of things, embedded computing, project management
  (418) 856-4350, ext. 148
S Doyon
Stéphane Doyon, P.Eng.
Project Manager, Electrical Engineer
Expertises : electronics, embedded programming, signal processing, telecommunication, EMC
  (418) 856-4350, ext. 104
Eric Lacasse
Éric Lacasse, P.Eng.
Project Manager, Electrical Engineer
Expertises : electronics, project management, EMC
  (418) 856-4350, ext. 119
Rudy Belanger
Rudy Bélanger, M. Sc.
Industrial Mathematician
Expertises : artificial intelligence (machine learning, deep learning), experimental design, empirical modeling, data processing, optimization of manufacturing processes
Maxime Carrier
Maxime Carrier
Expertises : communication protocols, web development
Danaë Dufour-Forget
Electronics Designer
Expertises : electronic design and embedded programming
Chaimaa Ghanmi
Research Scientist in Artificial Intelligence
Expertises : artificial text analysis and natural language processing, computer vision, feature engineering, model interpretability, data preprocessing and OIT
Vincent Gingras
Vincent Gingras, P.Eng.
Electrical Engineer
Expertises : electronic design, embedded computing, EMC
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Damien Hoarau
Expertises : software development and SQL
Michel Hudon
Michel Hudon
Expertises : artificial intelligence, deep learning integration and training, databases management, web development
D Klein
Damien Klein
Computer Analyst
Expertises : artificial intelligence, systems architecture, software and GNU/Linux system architecture, performance optimization, interoperability and cross-platform support, 2D and 3D graphics rendering
Jean René Landry
Jean-René Landry
Electronics Technologist
Expertises : electronics, computer assisted drawing and design (CAD), assembly, MRP system
Gabriel Lavoie
Electronic and EMC design technologist
Expertises : electromagnetic compatibility, computer assisted design (CAD)
Stephane Payet
Stéphane Payet
Expertises : mobile development, PC development
Jacques Pelletier
Jacques Pelletier
Electromechanical Technologist
Expertise : electromechanical design
Charles Richard, CEP
Electronics Designer
Expertises : instrumentation, characterization and control
François Rousseau
Computer Analyst
Expertises : software analysis, software architecture, web development
Clement Soucy
Clément Soucy, P.Eng
Electrical Engineer
Expertises : digital and analog electronic design, embedded computing and electromagnetic compatibility
Maxime Tardif
Maxime Tardif
Expertises : UI / UX design and web development


Electronic prototyping workshop
The electronic and electrical prototyping workshops allow us to build electronic circuits, assemble electrical cables, control panels and test benches. IPC standard trained employees carry out the assembly according to standards of practice. A 3D printer is also used to create cases and accessories allowing to quickly create complete electronical prototypes.

Electronics Laboratory
The modern and high performance measuring instruments available at the electronic laboratories enable testing in both the electronic hardware and the embedded software. Clients have the opportunity to work alongside our employees to ensure transfer of technology.

Power Electronics Laboratory
Novika’s power electronics laboratory allows for development and testing of high-powered electronic products. These infrastructures can validate single-phase, three-phase, and continuous current products up to 150kW.

Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC) and Electrical Safety Laboratory
Our infrastructures in electromagnetic compatibility and electrical safety are fully equipped and unique in eastern Quebec. These infrastructures can accommodate all kinds of electrical appliances (single-phase, three-phase, CC, battery-run and all tests are carried out to international requirements (CSA, UL, FCC, CE, IEC, …).