For more than thirty years, companies have sought to improve their performance and productivity by acquiring digital equipment often without a global vision, ending up with several incompatible technologies. Our experts will assist you in the development and implementation of global strategies enabling your company to benefit from the latest technologies for years to come.


We use the best software strategies to enable your connected systems, sensors, and devices to collaboratively organize, dynamically reconfigure and automate decision-making and real-time monitoring of the critical elements of your production activities.

  • Cloud computing
  • Traceability
  • Mixed and augmented reality
  • Interconnectivity
  • Monitoring and control
  • Advanced MES (manufacturing execution system)


Connected objects are the starting point of modern industry. With the help of our team, both current and new products and equipment will communicate using reliable infrastructures, protocols and advanced technologies offering agility, intelligence and security.

  • Automation and industrial computing
  • Communication protocols
  • Mobile development
  • Embedded system


The dynamic autonomy and adaptation of systems and machines are key strategies for the management of risks and contingencies. We adapt and integrate artificial intelligence algorithms to any type of software, allowing the imitation or replacement of human cognitive functions in event prediction, self-learning and automatic adjustment of behaviors or parameters in the event of new situations.

  • Deep Learning
  • Predictive and cognitive analysis
  • Preventive maintenance


Retaining and making available organizational knowledge are crucial issues for companies. Based on the data and rules established by your experts, our team develops software and tools that enable you to efficiently make better decisions.

  • Data interpretation and organization
  • Multi-system connectivity
  • Dashboards, charts and performance indicator
  • UX Design
  • Databases
  • Web, PC and mobile platform


One of the main new challenges of companies lies in the analysis of the Bid data generated by the numerous connected objects. We develop and integrate algorithms that help you take advantage of these data through the use of advanced mathematics and logic.

  • Heuristic
  • Vision
  • Resolution of complex problems
  • MATLAB Integration
  • Optimization of industrial and administrative processes



This project consists of developing an internet access system with the assistance of a protocol allowing access to certain highly confidential data. The protocol is integrated into a management platform and secured website both of which were also developed by Novika.


Client :  Corporation des pilotes du Bas-Saint-Laurent  //  Project manager :  Benoit E. Lizotte


In collaboration with other partners, such as Bell Helicopter, Exonetic, and Sherbrooke University, our contribution to the aeronautics sector consisted in ensuring certain standards were met, such as the DO-178B computing standard, and the DO-160 in order to carry out multi-physics tests for a haptic controller.


Client :  Consortium de recherche et d'innovation en aérospatiale au Québec  //  Project manager :  Benoit E. Lizotte


This experimental development project aimed at developing an algorithm based on multiple variables that would allow for the optimisation of collection routes for electronic waste recovery containers during a work schedule. The algorithm needed to allow for a reduction in fuel consumption of the vehicles and collection time as well as automatically perform container selection. This selection would be performed according to the fill levels, which would be known thanks to a remote cellular communications system, and according to a collector’s daily work schedule.


Client :  Électrobac  //  Project manager :  Benoit E. Lizotte


Based on the Industry 4.0 concept, this project completely redefines electrical harness manufacturing. Not only does the project allow for electrical harnesses to be designed and manufactured at two geographically remote locations, it also significantly reduces assembly time and improves manufacturing quality. Thanks to innovative software developed by Novika, design updates are transmitted instantly to the factory allowing for desired flexibility. In addition, the assembly sequence is optimised and clearly illustrated, thus reducing not only the handling and movements done by an operator to a minimum, but also the possibility of errors. New projection tables and electric carts were also developed, allowing Novika to provide a turnkey solution using an innovative and patented technology.


Client :  Bombardier Transport  //  Project manager :  Benoit E. Lizotte


In partnership with the client, we drew on our experience with the CAO E3TM software and process optimisation in order to facilitate the management and creation of multi-user E3TM projects from source projects.


Client :  Hydro-Québec  //  Project manager :  Benoit E. Lizotte


Automation of email and fax dispatch for training programs from a Microsoft Access database.


Client :  Coopérative des Paramédics du Grand-Portage  //  Project manager :  Christian Lévesque


Development of a VB.Net (RS232) or Bluetooth communicating application for use with the scales used in ovine production.


Client :  Centre D'Expertise en Production Ovine du Québec Inc.  //  Project manager :  Christian Lévesque


C# software development update for Claisse products.


Client :  Claisse  //  Project manager :  Christian Lévesque


Benoit Lizotte
Benoit E. Lizotte
Head of Department, Project Manager
Expertises : software analysis, process optimization, agile industries, algorithms
  (418) 856-4350, ext. 152
François Rousseau
Project Manager
Expertises : software analysis, software architecture, web development
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Maxime Carrier
Maxime Carrier
Expertises : communication protocols, web development
Michel Hudon
Michel Hudon
Expertises : databases management, web development
Stephane Payet
Stéphane Payet
Expertises : mobile development, PC development
Maxime Tardif
Maxime Tardif
Expertises : UI / UX design and web development